I wouldn’t be the person I am without the help of my parents.

Figurately and literally.

Sometimes I don’t see eye to eye with them.

More times than some I think that their daily responsibility is to embarrass me.

But let’s face it: Without the two of them in my life, I wouldn’t have the values and beliefs that I have.

Without their love, I would have no idea what love actually feels like or looks like.

And yes I get it, they might seem “unreasonable” sometimes. I mean I’m 17 and they still won’t leave me home alone, ever for a few seconds. But that’s only because they want me safe.

As a little kid whenever I had a birthday party with my relatives there would always be money in their birthday cards. Of course, as a young girl, I wanted nothing more than to spend that money for my own benefit. Get all the toys and dresses I wanted. And as soon as I gave that money to my dad… I never saw it again. I was always so mad at him because I opened the card, saw the money, and gave it to him willingly. But he never let me spend it. Now that I’m a year and a half away from college… I finally understand why he never let me spend it.

You might not see the reason as to why your parents are doing the things that they do… but trust me they do everything out of love.

My best friend and her mom get in fights every other week, every other day sometimes. Either my friend is mad at her mom or the other way around. I always tell her to stop picking fights and finding ways to be angry at her because some people don’t even have the opportunity to be mad at their mom. Being mad at your parents is normal, but to be continually mad is ridiculous. So what if they didn’t let you do something?

Do you know that parents watch the news like we watch our tv shows? All those horrible things that we’re too scared to accept and realize are the things that haunt them. Imagine all the worries that go through a parent’s mind while their child is at school. They can’t check on their child every second and they have no idea whether their child is ok or not. As someone with anxiety, realizing all their worries is starting to worry me.

Some people don’t have parents. Some don’t even know who their parents are, let alone who their descendants are. Life is so so so so precious for a meager fight.

As I said before I don’t always see eye to eye with my parents. But I know that everything they do, everything they have done has a reason.

Even though my anxiety might ruin me sometimes and try to tell me that no one loves me and I’m just a waste, I will always know that my parents will love me and they would never want to see me hurt.

I wouldn’t be anywhere without my parents’ directions.

I wouldn’t be anyone without my parents’ teachings.

I wouldn’t be anything,

Without my parents.



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