(That girl in the photo perfectly depicts me right now)

I’ve never really felt like I fit in anywhere. School, church, social situations, etc.

But this is the one place I’ve actually felt safe and completely loved without any judgment.

And that’s because of you guys.

The people who actually read my posts and support me.

Some of you have even been here from the very start, and I have no other words than “Thank you.”

Thank you isn’t enough. I just wish I could hug you all.

400 is a number I can’t even begin to comprehend.

But I literally still wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you lovely people.

I wouldn’t have found all this strength and grown to be happy without you.

Your support, comments, and literal presence gives me so much hope and happiness. The fact that you’re simply there makes my existence feel like it’s worth something. Like what I have to say actually matters and you actually like reading it.

Oh my gosh, I love when someone comments that they loved reading my post. You literally don’t know how happy that makes me. Especially considering that 7 out of the 10 times I’ve read one of those comments was when I was having a bad day. It just… I can’t even put into words what the feeling of having your words actually mean something to someone else feels like.

400 people. I can’t grasp that. 400???

That’s so many eyeballs and thumbs and hearts.

I’m just so grateful and blessed that you found this blog and found it worthy of a follow. You have made a 17-year-old Indian girl with anxiety very very happy.

Literally, thank you. With you, I’m able to feel safe here and not feel anxious to share one of my boy rants or personal stories. After years of bottling so many emotions, I will always be grateful for not having to do that anymore.

My heart is so thankful to have stumbled upon such a great community of people. Thank you.

Thank you for letting me… be me.



18 thoughts on “400 followers

  1. Congratulations, Rebecca! I’m happy you found a place where you can share your thoughts and feelings and I’m x100 happier that you chose this tiny place where I got to meet you. You totally deserved me and the other 399 pairs of eyeballs and more 😊💕

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