Happy “Love Yourself” Day

To be honest whenever I hear “Valentine’s Day” I want to throw up or hit something.

I hate the depiction of Valentine’s Day… the depiction, not the description.

I hated the idea of being pressured to have someone on this day, and if I didn’t then I was lame.

But that’s not what Valentine’s Day is.

Valentine’s Day is about love.

It is not necessarily about loving someone else- but love overall.

Something I really wanted to focus on today was loving myself.

I didn’t want to think about anyone else, I didn’t want to focus too much on all the couples in the hallway or the flower and chocolate.

I just wanted to make sure that I can look at myself in the mirror and see love.

When I was younger, I never imagined that loving myself would be so hard or that it would in fact count as love.

But it does and, correct me if I’m wrong, it is the most important love you can have.

Because how can you manage to love someone else if you can’t love yourself?

So whether you have someone with you to celebrate this day or not, never forget to love yourself.



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