Don’t Let Opinions Make You Mad

You’re going to meet people in this life who are gonna piss you off. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to sugarcoat that, but it’s gonna happen.

And they’re going to make you mad because of their opinions.

It’s not that their opinions are wrong… but they’re wrong.

Well, in your opinion, their opinions are wrong.

And it’s not like their opinion is a nice opinion, it’s a rude opinion.

Like an opinion of something close to your heart.

And when someone attacks something close to your heart it gets personal, right?

Like if they attack your favorite band, your role models, your favorite book, your beliefs about the world, your religious beliefs, etc.

All you want to do is prove that person wrong.

You can try. Not everyone’s beliefs are set in stone. You can make someone believe in something they’ve never thought about believing in before. Or like something they’ve never thought of liking before.

But don’t be head strong about changing their beliefs.

And please don’t let their beliefs bother you to a point where it makes you mad thinking about it.

Not everyone’s going to believe what you believe. Or like what you like.

And it’s ok.

Do you know how many times a friend of mine has gotten annoyed whenever I mention Fifth Harmony and try to convince them that they make good music and they’re singing is magical?

Too many times to count.

But I have to accept that my friends/people have different interests and very different ears. They’re not always going to like the things I like.

But remember: You might even not like something that they love. It is definitely not a one-sided thing.

Everyone in the world has different interests than others. I mean there are people who are going to have the same interests as you- but not to a tee. There are going to be times when their beliefs are going to make you mad. But wouldn’t it be boring if everyone you met had the same exact interests as you?

And it would be a little creepy.

Variety is beautiful.

I mean it’s like talking to someone that’s exactly like you. At first, it’s nice and you can bond over things. But then there’s nothing to battle over, there are no disagreements over things. And to be honest not having a challenge is boring. Things would be too perfect if everyone had the same beliefs as everyone, there would be no variety. There would be no difference.

Ok, look at it this way. If people always saw your beliefs as something they believed in, and your interests as interesting then you wouldn’t be as passionate about things as you are right now. I mean if no one ever made you mad about not liking or believing something you wouldn’t have that fire in your heart to prove them wrong. You might not love the thing that you love as much as you do right now if it weren’t for their “Wrong opinions.”

Not everyone’s going to believe/like what you believe/like.

And that’s ok.

We’re individuals for a reason.



5 thoughts on “Don’t Let Opinions Make You Mad

  1. Great post! Sometimes if someone’s opinion really bothers me, I’ll ask them to explain to me why they feel the way they do. If I keep an open mind while I listen, it can definitely help me to understand where they are coming from (even if it’s only a little).

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