Your name makes you the person that you are.

It’s your identity, your label, it’s you.

All those other names don’t seem to fit right to the one that you hold forever.

As humans, we tend to get tired of mundane things. Like playing a certain game, listening to one song on repeat, or wearing the same outfit for a long time. It gets boring after a while.

But we never get bored of our name, at least I hope you don’t- because it’s you.

I know some people might even hate their name and are hoping to change it, but I could never see myself doing that. It’s like I would be deleting or erasing a piece of myself. Because Rebecca is who I am.

But, it’s not only our first name that identifies us, it’s all of them: First name, middle name, last name, nickname… Let’s break it down:

  • First name- The name your parents, relatives, etc. chose for you, and they didn’t want it second they liked it so much they wanted it first. It’s what they saw in you the first day you were born, it’s what they could imagine screaming when you get in trouble and what they could imagine crying to when your principal called you up for your diploma. They might’ve gone through a list of names, but they chose this one or, they always imagined their future kids being named this.
    • I remember my brother telling me that my dad was going to call me “Robin.” Thank goodness he didn’t, I mean Robin is nice but it’s hard to see myself as a Robin. Instead, they chose Rebecca named after Rebekah in the Bible and I’m  so happy they chose that over Robin.
  • Middle Name(s)- The name with all the special meaning. It’s second but there’s a second meaning to this name. It could either also be the name of a family member, your parent’s best friend’s name, your mom’s maiden name, etc. You may have one or you may have a lot. You may not even have one- that’s ok too sometimes I forget I even have a middle name lol.
    • I don’t love my middle name as much as I love who gave it to me. My aunt gave it to me. I just like the idea that my extended family took part in giving me my name; they cared so much to give me the name that I have.
  • Nickname(s)– The name your friends, family, and close ones call you by. This name is special too because only people who you’re close with call you this name. They’ve known you for a long time to call you by this name.
    • On the day I was born my brother gave me the nickname “Sissy” And not like in the way that people use that word like, “He’s such a sissy.” Sissy as in sister. And almost all of my family members call me by that name and I just think it’s so endearing. None of my friends call me that, it’s kind of reserved for my family. I don’t care that my nickname is a whole different meaning, it just really means a lot that my brother thought up this name to give me an identity to my family. And the mere fact that he gave me a nickname in the first place means a ton.
  • Last name- The name that might not be individually unique, but it’s family unique. Your last name holds so much more than a few letters. It holds a history, a generation, a lineage. It holds your family’s pasts. It shows where your family comes from and why they have the name that they have. It’s very special. It’s also the name that you might change or hyphen because you’ve fallen in love. Either way, it’s special and your last name holds your life story.

Names are more than just names. They hold so much depth; that’s why I love names so much. They’re so so so special because it’s part of who you are. It makes you, you. Could you imagine yourself in another name?


4 thoughts on “names.names.names.

  1. I love this so much. I never thought of names like that! I told myself many times that I wanted to change my name mainly because I am named after my mom but I might change my mind now.

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