I Forgot You Were There

I  thought that I was all alone.

I thought that no one was there for me.

I thought I was fighting my battles alone.

But I forgot.

I forgot that You were there for me.

I forgot that no matter what You’ll always be there, taking care of me and holding my hand.

Everyone makes broken promises, but You always keep your promises.

And you make sure that I know that You’ll keep your promises.

I thought that everyone had left me.

But You were always there.

My doubts are always wrong whenever I’m with You.

You make sure that I know You’ll never leave me.

I’m not alone in life.

I don’t have to worry.

Because You’re there and You will always be there.

I never have to have anxiety around You.

I never have to wonder if You’ll leave me alone.

I don’t have to feel any negative thoughts towards or about You.

Because You’ve always shown me that You’re right there with Your hand on my shoulder.

The world might be lonely sometimes, but with You always by my side, everything will be okay.

Even though sometimes I might feel lonely I never, ever am. Because You are always there.

I might forget that sometimes, but when I remember it’s the best feeling ever.

I don’t need a guy, I don’t need fake friends, I don’t have to try with You. Because You’ve already fought for my love and have shown me that You care and You always will.

You give me comfort, You give me hope, and You give me a future.

You’re the main reason I haven’t give up on life. It’s the fact that You’re always there for that’s made me stay.

It’s the fact that whenever I have a problem I can come running to you and you don’t mind at all. You actually like when I burden you with my problems. You like that I trust you enough to be vulnerable with You.

I couldn’t have done any of this without You.

And no matter what I might do You’ll always love me.

Thank you.

Thank you, God.

When everyone left, You always stayed. And I don’t know how I managed to forget that.

I Love You.



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