Why do we base our worth on silly numbers?

Our worth should be based on how I think about myself, how you think about yourself.

But our worth depends on how high our numbers are

And we all do it:

The amount of likes we get.

The amount of followers we have.

The amount of views we receive.

How old we are compared to others.

The percentages of our grades.

The score we got on a test.

Wow… it’s kind of hard not to base our worth on numbers… considering that they’re literally dominant everywhere.

But you’re not that number.

That number doesn’t label you.

It can’t define who you are.

Sure, that number might be on your report card but it doesn’t define your intelligence.

That number doesn’t get to label how many people care about you.

That number is not you.

Your brain could literally hold so much knowledge that a mere piece of paper couldn’t even compare with it.

You are not the number that you constantly stress over.

Numbers are that… just numbers.

They aren’t you or your personality.

You have the potential.

You have the drive.

You have the strength.

Don’t let a silly number tell you who or what you are.

You are you, and you will always be you.

A number cannot define you.

You’re greater than a number.

Even if you don’t believe me, numbers do change.

If you were a number, you would be infinity.

  • IN·FIN·I·TY (noun)
    • a number greater than any assignable quantity or countable number



4 thoughts on “numbers.

  1. I desperately needed this to make me feel better. Sometimes I worry so much about the numbers I get that I forget: I’m me, and we can all be infinity. Thank you so so much

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