“I’ll Do It Later”

No, you will not.

Have you ever thought of doing something then you convince your mind that you’ll do it later?

Well, you won’t.

You won’t do it later.

Not matter how much you convince your mind, in the present, that you’ll do it later. You know you. You know you will not do it.

So stop saying “I’ll do it later.”

You’re lying to yourself.

Don’t wait to do something later. What’s so wrong with doing it now? What’s so bad about doing it in the present?

Shouldn’t you do it now and get it over with?

Maybe it depends on the situation and you have to do it later. That’s understandable.

But don’t make “I’ll do it later” an excuse.

Get it over with.

Personally, having anxiety, doing stuff now erases the worry of having to do it later and it frees me up from the overwhelming monster on my back.

“I’ll do it later” has just become my way out of doing something and having to face my problems in the present moment. But running away from my problems doesn’t help me, and they’ll never help me. Confronting them now, doing them now, and facing them now helps me.

Doing it now helps me and it’s not going to help if I just lie to myself and say “I’ll do it later.”

It’s better if you find the time to do it now so you don’t even have to think (and worry) about it later. It’ll be a weight off your back.



5 thoughts on ““I’ll Do It Later”

  1. I definitely tell myself “I’ll do it later ” and it ends up being days later, when I’m stressed about it and realizing that once again I waited too long. Anxiety has a way of making me so nervous to do things or so overwhelmed , that it’s easier to just not do it. There’s an idea of “I can’t fail if I don’t do abything”. I end up realizing however, that that’s totally a misconception and so I’ve been working on not putting stuff off for so long.

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