Hi! I’m Rebecca. I don’t know how you found my blog, but I hope you stay 🙂

I’ve really organized my categories, so if you’re looking for anything specific:

  • Advice– The lessons I’ve learned that I want to share with you guys.
  • Anxiety– Yes I have anxiety, here are my posts about my struggle with it as I live my life
  • Broken– Posts where I really need to vent my emotions and I’m down in my roller coaster of life.
  • Casual– Talking about casual stuff, if you don’t want to see the deep shhtuff, this is where you can go
  • God– I’m a Christian and here’s where I talk about my Best Friend and Savior
  • Him– Posts about”Him,” a guy I always talk about and am trying to get over, post by post.
  • Letters– I write letters, in the third person, to certain people, my way of saying things I could never say to their face
  • Music – Posts that contain or talk about music
  • Nature– Posts discussing or revolving around the beauty of nature
  • Poems– My poetry
  • Rants– Everyone should have a good rant once in a while
  • Short Stuff– In case you don’t like reading long posts there are short posts here. Currently counting “Short Sentences”
  • Strong– Posts about strength and staying strong.
  • Time– The mystery of time, focuses around the past, present, and future

There are Music Fridays here. On Friday, I give you a taste of what my music taste is like! There is always a YouTube link at the end of the post on Fridays.

Ok About pages usually let you know more about the person. Sooo let’s see…

I was born here in the United States, but my parents are from India. So that makes me Indian. I’m almost always late, blame the genes of my parents. I’m compassionate and forgiving. I’m really sarcastic, so sorry about that lol. I like making people laugh and I love to laugh. Sometimes people tell me that I laugh too much and that used to make me really insecure about my laughter, but if I laugh, I laugh and if they say I laugh too much I’ll just tell them “you don’t laugh enough.”

I want to be a musician when I grow up hopefully. Because having the ability to write songs and sing shouldn’t be wasted in the confines of my own room. I play clarinet and guitar.

I basically started this blog because I was keeping a lot of emotions inside and I really couldn’t tell my friends or anyone because they wouldn’t really understand. So what better way then to write about my emotions and let other random people see it? I love that feeling that in a way we are all the same going through something and we can’t really judge each other because we don’t know each other. We all have our piece of broken. I post at least once a week, if I don’t I either have no inspiration or I’m really busy.

For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord,” plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

Well.. I’m not great at about pages but there ya go.. Thanks for reading 🙂 I made an email for this blog. Please feel free to contact me and if you ever wanna talk about something I’ll be free for a conversation here: hopelesslystrong27@gmail.com. It’s not my main email but I always make sure to check it! 🙂


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