Was I a weight?

On your shoulder?

On your soul?

Was I dispensable?

Was it nice when it ended?

Now you don’t have to put in any more effort.

Was I a burden?

You had to carry my insecurities and my secrets like a pack mule, now it doesn’t matter anymore.

Now that it’s done.

Was I easy?

Someone that could be easily fooled and played.

Target practice.

Was I nothing?

Just a useless pawn who, according to you, is devoid of any feelings.

Who apparently holds all the blame for everything.

Was I a back-up?

Just something that could be saved for later.

You have me in case it didn’t work out with someone else.

Was I naive?

Even through all my doubts, I believed all your lies.

I was falling faster than gravity would ever allow.

Was I the village idiot?

For believing that everything coming out of your mouth was the truth.

I played your games, unbeknownst to me that they were actually games.

Was I replaceable?

Once I’m gone nothing will change with you.

Because I was nothing to you in the first place.


Was I too broken?

Maybe you had to get out before you got too deep.

It was too much for you.

Was I wrong?

About everything?

For believing in a dumb reality and breaking down my walls.

Am I a weight?


I am not a weight.

I am not dispensable.

I am not a burden.

I am not easy.

I am anything but nothing.

I am not back-up.

I am not naive.

I am not the village idiot.

I am not replaceable.

I am not too broken.

And I was not wrong. Nor will I ever be wrong.

I won’t let you do that to me anymore. I won’t let you lure me into thinking that this is all my fault. It’s not my fault.

I won’t let you control me anymore.

I am not a weight anymore.

You won’t be my weight anymore.


Who Do I Call?

When your car breaks down you can call an auto repair man.

When you feel sick you can call the doctor.

When you’re having homework problems you can call your teacher over for help.

When you want a laugh you can call your best friend.

When you feel like you’re in a dangerous situation you can call the police.

When you’re hungry you can call and order a pizza.

When your library book is almost overdue you can call the library to ask them to renew it.

When school lets out early you can call your parents to come pick you up.

When your pet is sick you can call the vet.

When you want a new hair-do you can call your barber.

When you’re ready to order you can call over the waiter.

When checking if your medication is ready you can call the pharmacy.

When you’re not sure if a store is open you can call and make sure.

When you want to plan a special evening you can call a restaurant and make a reservation.

When your body feels out of place you can call for a massage.

When your teeth are aching you can call the dentist.

When you have a big event and want memories you can call a photographer.

When you’re sick at home you can call the school to tell them.

When your arm is broken you can call the hospital.


Who do you call when you have a broken heart?


one person

It’s funny how much power one person can have over you.

One person changed the perception of my day.

One person popped my bubble.

One person made me wonder.

One person made me go from tired to happy.

One person destroyed all my doubts.

One person made me feel safe

One person made me feel worthy.

One person made me laugh til my face hurts.

One person who can’t judge me.

One person who wants to get to know me.

One person who trusts me enough to tell me about them self.

One person who turned my day upside down.

And all it took was one person.

To make this “OK” day Good.



It’s funny how something so small could kill me.

Something so unbelievably amazing could tear me to pieces.

Just thinking about it makes me want to burst into little happy shards.

Whenever I think of it, it makes me get that butterfly feeling again.

My heart starts palpitating, I’m even smiling writing this post.

You must have magic powers to make me over analyze a smile.

There are so many things happening in a day and all I can think of is that.

The thing that you did, it was small but burned into my brain.

And how when you did it, I did it too. I didn’t even have to think about it, it just happened.

When it did, it made my crappy day better.

It might seem minor to some, but to me it was major.

As soon as you saw me you did the little thing, and you don’t realize how much I appreciate that.

I made you do that?

Thank you for doing that.

It’s something I can’t seem to forget, not even now.

I love the way you smile.



Is there more to life than this?

The scenery stays the same to her.

The same patch of sky her eyes are always locked on.

The same tree branch she looks at, the one with the sprouted blossom.

The same brick wall cut out by a window with a picture perfect smiling family.

The same routine every day.

It’s not that she doesn’t like it here,

it’s her place and her home.

But when you know the exact number of stars that are going to show in the night,

that’s when you figured you’ve stayed too long.

So she spread her wings and flew,

hoping to find what she was looking for:





A simple word.

Yet why am I feeling this way?

Maybe I misheard it for something.

Maybe it was the way you said it.

Maybe it was because of the way you looked at me.

Maybe it was the smile.

You looked directly at me but I could never look up at you.

I don’t know if my response was even heard by you.

I don’t remember what I said.

You’re still the same.

Putting others before you.

Being selfless and kind and utterly perfect.

And I was me.

Unable to form a coherent sentence.

Was I even speaking English?

I definitely wasn’t,

but you still somehow gave me a response.

Then I went back to my seat because I knew if I stood there longer I would’ve probably said something more embarrassing than incoherent sounds.

If I lied to myself before, I can’t lie now.

I like you.