I’m Back… Hopefully

You’re reading that right.

So I don’t know if anyone’s noticed if I’ve been gone or if anyone remembers who I am. I’ve been gone longer than I… planned? expected? I never really planned or expected to actually be “gone.” I think the term “taking a break” would fit better.

Like I said I never really expected or planned to be gone or to take a break. But days just turned into weeks and then weeks turned into a month.

During the time that I left, I was going through some crappy feelings and I felt like I needed to sort that out. Because I didn’t just want to keep posting about some guy… I felt like that was… dumb? I just felt like the content of my blog would be downgraded if I talked about the same subject (Phoenix). And I know it’s my blog I should feel free to talk about whatever I want but it didn’t feel like that during the time that I left. It just felt like my job was to please people.

So I needed to take time away from posting, from the likes, from the follows, from everything. I needed to talk to my friends about him. I needed to not make my situation into a blog post because it didn’t help.

(If you’re interested in what did help this situation then, please keep reading.)

Because blogging didn’t help I thought that maybe I should stop making blog posts… Yes, I actually considered it. Because as weeks went by I didn’t really find myself wanting to go back to writing blog posts and I don’t know why… One of the reasons why I made a blog is because I wanted to get my feelings and thoughts out there and it helped. But if it couldn’t help me with Phoenix and that whole damn thing could it ever help me again? What was the point if writing out my feelings couldn’t help me anymore?

But then I forgot the other reason that I started this blog. Because it’s been like my diary. I wanted a place I could go to where I could remember everything that has happened to me and all I’ve been through. So hopefully one day in the future I can be like “Wow, I made it through.”

Today, I was scrolling through my old blog posts because I needed to find some poems to enter into this scholarship program and I found myself looking at all these stories and all these emotions and feelings and it’s. all. there.


Me. I’m here. I’m there. My feelings. My emotions. My thoughts. They’re all here. There are so many pieces of myself on this blog. Not only that but who I am is here in this blog. And I don’t think I can let hopelesslystrong go. I couldn’t give this up. I couldn’t let this go. I forgot how much I could say without feeling the need to hold back.

Plus I don’t think I would be able to make that goodbye post and say goodbye to those of you who have been there to always make me smile (I would probably ask you guys for another way of communication so we would be able to talk) But still it wouldn’t feel the same to say goodbye to hopelesslystrong.

So I’m trying this again. And hopefully, this will be a new beginning for hopelesslystrong. And I knowwww I feel like I should have a new theme or a new background or something. But I’m pretty happy with my background so no drastic changes to my site lol. Just a new start, mentally, for this blog. So… a lot has happened since I’ve been gone:

Hopelesslystrong turned 2 years old! I’m so proud of this blog and what it’s done, not only for me, but for what it has done for others (e.g. when people tell me that my posts teach them something new). Being gone has made me appreciate this blog more and I want to say thank you to every one of you who have kept me strong because I could never be here without you guys.

The whole Phoenix thing is resolved. We’re friends again. I had to let go of the “chapstick thing” No, trust me he’s a good guy. During that whole time, he wasn’t talking to me and I wasn’t talking to him I had a lot of doubts and the one question that bothered me so much was Did it even faze him that we weren’t talking? Well, he told me that when someone is quiet with him then he’s quiet too and loses focus… I know that might sound like some confusing shh-tuff (my attempt at trying not to curse) it was confusing to me too, but he’s a good friend. Yeah, friend. He’s not really a good person to fall for though. Even though my heart might beg to differ. I mean I don’t think you would want the person you’re falling for to say that they were losing focus over you and your friendship together. But other than that, we hung out together after school and it was honestly so nice. We went to this huge library and just talked. We talked about our lives, our pasts, our fears, anything and everything and it was so nice. We talked for maybe 4 or 5 hours. It was just nice to feel happy without overthinking about it. But trust me, I’m a football thrown into the friendzone.

I took the SAT!!!! And I survived it!!! I honestly don’t know how. I burned my brain the week beforehand studying and my eyebags has eyebags. I don’t know how I did but I feel okay about it. I did what I could and I’m okay with it. I’m just happy I survived (really thought I wouldn’t make it out alive… okay stop being overdramatic Rebecca… I’m sorry)

I have no idea about college applications. That sentence didn’t even make sense. All that sentence means is college apps = ew. That whole thing is on my shoulders and I’m trying to take a college credit class but I’m kind of on uneasy terms with my dad and he’s the one I have to talk to about taking the class. I asked him and he said he would think about it but he hasn’t told me anything. I’m on uneasy terms with him because he wants me to be a doctor but… no, thank you. I cannot be held responsible for someone else’s life and I hate being around sick people. I already have the worst immune system ever. I’m thinking of majoring in forensic science and having a minor in music because I can’t let go of my dream. I also have a bunch of anxiety thinking of asking my teachers for recommendation letters and going to my counselor to talk to him about this.

Andddd…. it’s the last week of school this week! And honestly, I’m really ecstatic and scared at the same time. Happy because yessssssss I very much want this stress to be over. Also, I might get my license over the summer but I’m so anxious to take the test. But scared because I don’t know how many of you read my posts during spring break but if you did you would know I had the worst spring break ever. I was so mentally broken down. Because I never got out of my house and I hated seeing these same four walls and I really don’t want that to be my summer. I don’t want to have a boring summer, that might seem like something overdramatic like who cares if you have a boring summer? It just mentally breaks me down being and doing the same thing over and over again. I’m also scared because of the friends I’ve made this year. I think you might know where this conversation is leading. Fake friends. I think I can pretty much tell the “friends” who are going to turn into fake friends. But actually being extremely close to the possibility that the people I’ve made as friends are going to leave me in the dust make it all so tiring.

I thought that if there was a possibility that this come-back post was, in fact, going to happen that I would be in a happy place. But I’m honestly not in a happy place. I’m stressed and tired and I want to just give up sometimes.

But then I remember the small amount of people who have always had my back. I remember all those other times I wanted to give up but didn’t and there’s a reason I didn’t. Because I’m curious. I’m curious as to what my future has in store for me. Yes, even though school is going to be over, college decision-making is still going to be on my back and that stresses me out to no end. But I’m taking it one day at a time. And I know that God won’t let me down. My faith isn’t something I want to doubt or let go of. I think I’ve done that too many times before in the past.

So that’s what’s been happening to me in the past month, how have all of you been? I honestly hope you’re doing good. I’ve missed you guys so much! Hopefully, with everything on my plate, I’ll still be able to make blog posts because nothing is better than the feeling of typing endlessly not having to hold back on anything.



I Don’t Want this Semester to End

I never thought I would ever say that sentence. Becuase I’ve never had a “good” semester. I remember last year, during my sophomore year, where I could not wait any longer to start a new semester. It was that bad last year. I actually counted the weeks and days til the end of it, because it was crap.

I barely had any friends in my classes. I was on the edge of an iceberg with my teachers. I was in a class that I absolutely hated. And my lunch friends didn’t want to sit with me anymore. I wanted nothing more to begin my sophomore year with a fresh start, which would be the second semester.

But this time, this year I don’t want a fresh start. I want this semester to stay the same all year long. I want the same teachers, the same people in my class, the same people sitting at my lunch table. I don’t want things to change.

This has actually been a good semester and I don’t want experience the anxiety of asking my friends “Do we still have the same class together?” and know the possible hopeless truth.

I have friends in all my classes (except one and the one I don’t have it is my piano class which is a good thing because then I can focus on my music). Do you know how rare that is for me?

In photography, I made 3 real friends. We crack jokes and are always finding a way to turn something stressful into something fun. This is the class I was always looking forward to, not just because of being able to take pictures but because I got to see my friends.

In modern world, I just sit next to my best friend and we just talk during class while our teacher gets distracted and do the worksheets together. We laugh so much, I’m afraid that we disturb the girl next to us but I’m too happy to notice.

In algebra 2, my friend and I occasionally talk about Fifth Harmony and my teacher is so so so so chill. It’s so great. She makes difficult math concepts so easy to learn. Which is great because this semester we learned logarithms and I swear I only understood it because she taught it. She’s the best math teacher in the whole math department in our school. She never gives homework but she’s still a great teacher. She always talks about life here and there, like the other day she gave us this motivational speech about Trump’s presidency and that we shouldn’t let Trump being president bring us down or make us unmotivated- we have to keep going and be educated because we are the change and we are the future.

In chem, I made this friend who I can talk to about anything and she laughs as much as me. She’s definitely not of those fake friends. And whenever we have a lab we get together with these other classmates who are hilarious and love to comment on the fact that my friend and I like to laugh at anything.

In AP Language & Composition, this is my worst class but I still find a way to think of it positively. 2 of my friends are in this class and we always tend to turn something serious into a joke. I wouldn’t even know what was going on half of the time if it wasn’t for my friend telling me everything.

In Spanish, I sit behind one of my friends and even though we’re not supposed to be talking we always have such lengthy conversations about anything. Mostly about how we have no idea what the teacher is saying because we both suck at Spanish.

So mostly I don’t want it to be a new semester because there’ll be new people that I most likely will not know (It’s a big school). In some of these instances, I made new friends while other times it’s old friends that I’ve known for a year or so. But what if I have too much anxiety to make new friendships? My anxiety has only gotten worse. And do I really want to put in the effort of making friendships that might as well just end up in the trash? Especially with all the new friendships I’ve made and mentioned above: if I don’t see them everyday will friends that I thought were real friends actually become fake? Or will they make no effort to stay in touch or respond to my messages?

I know that change is something that you need in life. Trust me I know. I’ve had to figure it out ever since I transitioned from a private middle school to a public high school. I know. But knowing that I need it doesn’t mean that I’ll like it any better.


DO NOT Do This in 2017!!!!

So I started out the new year in a bad situation.

And not like a bad bad situation, but a mentally bad situation.

A school-wise bad situation.

I procrastinated.

In my AP class aka my college credit class.

Such a bad move on my part, I know.

We had this project that we were doing and, in summary, we were writing about a newspaper columnist who’s work we liked. So we had to read one of their columns and do an analysis paper on the column. We did 3 columns and then we had the columnist profile. The columnist profile is basically an essay, it was like a 3 page paper on our author’s writing style, their personality in their writing, and such. The week back from Christmas break we would have to turn in this profile.

So my teacher told my class to plan out the essay and work on it during Christmas break.

Which I did not do.

Because I mean it’s Christmas break. I just wanted to appreciate my break and relax.

Wrong choice.

I went back to school on Tuesday and the paper was due Friday.

Now my teacher is one for pushing back due dates, but of course, that little shred of hope was crushed due to the fact that this was an ESSAY.

So from Tuesday to Friday I was STRESSED.

Like stressed isn’t even the right word, I was dfksadklfdjfsldmcscvi.


I’ve never been this procrastinated in a while. Because I like being an organized person, anything but will make my anxiety worse and will stress me out to no length. So I like doing things on time, that way I won’t have to do them.

But I didn’t do that this time.

And it was a really bad decision… I don’t know how many times I have to say that it was a wrong choice, but it was.

I literally prayed to God that I would find the right words because, I kid you not, I stared at a blank page for an hour, and then another hour trying to write a 5 sentence paragraph. (It doesn’t help that this is the class I’m struggling in)

I stayed up late until 12 o’clock for one night creating some utter nonsense.

Guys, it was so bad that I didn’t even want to re-read it for errors or anything, it was all BS.

And then the morning of the due date, in my first period class I realized… I didn’t even put a freckin’ title on my essay!

Yes, I know I already got a bad grade on it, and it’s the most important grade in this specific class of this semester. And I’ve already been getting straight B’s on all the stuff that my teacher grades. I know, B’s aren’t really bad, but it’s a college course and I legit have no idea what’s going on half of the time (it’s bad).

So this is my advice to you:



It’s not going to help you. Mentally, physically, emotionally. It’ll just make you feel drained and helpless. I really don’t know how I made up 3 pages of crap but I somehow managed. But, the fact that I wrote the paper in time doesn’t mean procrastinating was fine. It was HELL. I didn’t get to do anything fun. As soon as I got home from school, it’s like I just walked back into school. I couldn’t blog. I couldn’t talk to my friends. I couldn’t watch my shows. I couldn’t do anything.

It was the worst decision I’ve made this year, but I think that there will be more on the way lol.

But it’s a new year, and I’ve learned my lesson. 

From one student to another, do not procrastinate.

Stop being lazy. (That’s a message to you AND myself lol)



Hi to whoever might be reading this, I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed but I haven’t been too active on my blog.

I’ve been gone for a few weeks for a couple of different reasons.

Some days it was just like I was forcing blog posts out of myself and I wasn’t being honest or passionate in them. Then, other days, I just felt like I was pressured to create a blog post because I haven’t done one in maybe 3 days. Also, I was going through a bad time when I left and I just needed space away from the pressure of everything, including this site.

Have you ever felt pressured on this site?

I have, I do all the time.

I created a blog to talk about my day and voice my opinions and feelings, to be who I am.

But some days, it’s like I’m shying away from that, and unfortunately, I’m only writing blog posts for the likes and follows.

Yep, I said it. I want to be honest.

I felt like I cared too much of what people thought of my writing and I needed to take a break away from that and remember why I started my blog in the first place.

I hate social media. I love this site. But it’s like this site is social media sometimes. Twitter, snapchat, and all those other social media networks pressure me so much because it’s like “Do people like what I said/posted?” And I’m really anxious to post things on social media because of that haunting question when I KNOW I shouldn’t care less. Now it’s like I’ve brought my social media feelings to here, and I hate it.

I don’t want to care how many people like my posts or how many people follow me.

I care that my voice is being heard, people are following my advice and learning from my stories, and that I’m just helping myself be happy and strong.

I’m thankful that people like my post and follow me, but I don’t want that to be the sole purpose as to why I’m writing a blog post.

It was really hard not writing a blog post as soon as I got home, but I felt like I needed to remember the person I wanted to be when I started this blog.

So a few things have happened in my life while I was away…

I finished writing a few more songs in my songbook and I’m really really ecstatic about them.

In photography class we’re using the dark room! I was really scared at first because we use a lot of chemicals that can be harmful but once you’re used to them it’s not that bad. In case you might not now, a dark room is where you develop your photographs. We made this camera out of a shoe box and we stick photo paper in there and we expose some light to it and bam there’s a photo. (I know that’s a really complicated explanation) It would be extremely cool if it wasn’t time consuming and for a grade. I need two prints: One of a self-portrait and one of an object and I have neither. You see the thing is you need to get the exact right time for exposure with light and it’s frustrating the picture can end up turning really dark or extremely out of detail and that’s what sucks about it. Plus it takes like 7 minutes to develop it so it’ll take like 10 minutes to try again AND to figure out a new time that MIGHT work. I always get really close to the right time then that’s when class is over. So I was extremely stressed in photography, but I’ve made friends there who share my frustration so it’s not bad.

Phoenix (the guy I like) and I are really good friends now. The other day he was unbelievably nice to me when I was under stress and disappointment in my photography class when my dark print pictures weren’t the best. We also worked together in Spanish concerning those darn conjugations.It’s just really nice and freeing to talk to him.

I’m learning to be more open about my feelings and not box everything up with an “I’m fine.” Like the other day in one of my school clubs I talked about who I am and how my mind sort of manipulates things and it felt so good to get some things off my chest.

I’ve been cherishing the positive people in my life and keeping them closer so that my life can be more happy and less stressful. I’ve been appreciating the people around me and who stay by me instead of being anxious that they’ll leave someday.

I’ve been going on driving lessons with my dad every Sunday and I think it’s really helped me with my fear to drive on the road. I’m getting more confident each time I sit in the driver’s seat. I even put my foot on the accelerator now! Lol. The fastest I’ve gone is 20 mph, which might not seem fast for you, but it’s good enough for me. I practice in this place where other drivers practice as well so that’s kind of a good and bad thing. Because I get to realize and experience what it’s like responding to other drivers but it’s also really scary because, A: Crashing.

I took the PSAT a week ago and I’m really nervous for the results about that but I’d like to believe that I really did try my best on it. Also, my grades aren’t that bad, I actually checked them! Usually I don’t like checking my grades because it lowers my self esteem, but I’m actually doing good I have no C’s at all.

Well I think that’s about it, it’s really nice feeling like myself again and writing a blog post, I really missed this.

I hope that you’ve all been good and hope you have a great weekend!

«Music Friday»

  • Mercy by Shawn Mendes


Jealously is an Ugly Shade

I remember, as a kid, coloring with one of those 64 set crayola crayons, which had an array of so many different colors.

I remember this one shade of green that was just kind of disgusting to me. I referred to it as “Garbage Green,” instead of the actual crayon name. Because I really thought it was  a really disgusting color and it reminded me of Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street (no hate to Oscar the Grouch lol)

I think that jealousy is that shade of green.

Jealousy is one of the worst things on the planet.

To actually feel it and not be able to stop it, is horrible.

Have you ever had a friend who, I feel horrible writing this… But have you ever had a friend who wasn’t as smart as you?

It’s not that they’re dumb, it’s just that you’re supposed to be labeled as “the smart one” compared to them.

Well I feel like Oscar the Grouch talking about this.

I’ve been jealous because my best friend did better on this qualification exam in which the grade of it doesn’t count towards anything, it was just a test to see where you are in reading and writing.

When I saw that she did a whole level better than me, I grew jealous.

I hated feeling like that.

Was I really capable of feeling what I felt?

I felt pure hatred, towards the stupid exam, towards the school board. I even felt hate towards myself, because I convinvced myself that I could’ve done better.

But I didn’t even care about the exam because it didn’t even count as a grade or anything, it was just like a status update to how I’m doing.

So, I barely tried on the exam. And I actually did pretty good for a loose try. But, when I saw that my friend who also barely tried got a better score… I don’t know what happened to myself.

Am I a horrible person?

That was yesterday, I kind of toned down the jealousy until today.

In Modern World, we did this World Map Geography thing, where we had to fill in some stuff. I suck at Geography, I never really learned it or contained any of its information.

Well, our teacher said a few of us did bad and we had to redo it, and I knew that I was one of those people. He also said the people who did good had a score on theirs. I got my paper back and it said redo, I wasn’t surprised. My friend said she would probably get that too. But, when she got hers back, it had a score on it.

I have no idea what happened to me in that moment.

My whole demeanor changed.

I was happy and cheery one moment and then the next I was reclusive and quiet.

I suddenly became angry, just like yesterday.

I wanted the feeling to stop, but I couldn’t make it stop. I emotionally and mentally could not.

This feeling is horrible. Imagine if my brother and I competed with each other in school, thank goodness we weren’t those kids.

I don’t think I could’ve handled this as a kid, I can’t even handle it now.

This jealousy made me think about my current status in school.

I remember it was such a drastic change from 8th grade to high school.

I went from getting straight A’s to…

I was so scared Freshman Year that I just created a fake identity for myself. I prayed, I hoped, I cried.

Thankfully, I did better in Sophomore Year and I only got only one B and the rest A’s majority of the time.

But what about now?

My college credit class makes me want to cry and hit a wall.

I’m going to take the PSAT next month.

I’m too scared to check any of my grades because A. anxiety and B. I’m scared.

This jealousy has just brought down my self-esteem. I feel like I’ve let myself down, I haven’t opened my brain to its full capacity.

You grow envious to someone else and their achievement, and that’s the worst part about it. Because we should be proud of ourselves and other’s achievements.

But jealousy exists, and that’s the deal-breaker.


Hello, Junior: Day 2

Day 2 of Junior Year finished!

Today, was well… It was a mix between good and bad.

I came a couple minutes early today! So I went to my second period class, because today was an even day (Periods 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8). I walked and sat down in the classroom and I noticed the teacher. It was a lady. I was confused because on my schedule it said that my teacher was a man. I thought maybe he was out sick or something. Then, there was an announcement on the intercom…. Apparently we were supposed to go to homeroom before going to 2nd period. It was funny on my part, I just slyly walked out of the room, heading to my homeroom.

Homeroom was… something else. We were going to have a practice fire drill and let me just say this. It’s a big school. There are a lot of students. The teachers name the hallways and the outside areas, and I still don’t know their names. Our teacher told us we were going to the large practice field. I have no idea what or where that is. I do what I always do in these situations, find a classmate that’s ahead of me and go where they’re going. It’s always worked for me, except for this time.

On the stairwell, my homeroom teacher was a few steps behind me. I got outside and I was lost. You’ve never known lost until you see a group a people, not a group, a heard, a crowd, a war of people. I tried following this kid but he was one of those don’t follow the rules kid. Then I saw another kid, who was a smart one, but he was lost too and I didn’t just want to creepily follow behind him. I went to go search for my group but no luck. It kind of comforted me that I wasn’t the only student that was lost. But my anxiety hated it.

Then the bell rang for 2nd period. I was kind of happy because I knew my best friend would be in this class as well. 2nd period was Modern World. I haven’t been the best at social studies. but since last year I’ve actually been doing better! Freshmen year, I got a c in U.S. History. But I got an A in Government. I just don’t really have a strength in history based concepts. The teacher was funny, but I just have this off feeling about him. He called me out in class. He called out a lot of people, but I don’t know, I’m not sure yet. Another one of my friends were in this class so that was really, really nice.

4th period was Algebra 2. It’s so weird, the teacher is the same one as my Algebra 1 teacher in Freshman Year. It was the same classroom too, so it was like a flash in the past. She’s really chill and cool, she makes math less of a headache and makes the concepts easy to learn. But the people. I knew two people in that class. I thought they were friends, but they were just fake friends. The only time they said hello was to get help. I don’t really like the people, but I really like the teacher. Hopefully, it’ll get better in the future.

8th period was an AP English class. The teacher was very… extraordinary. The kids were talking kind of loud and when he first started talking, wrong word, started yelling I thought at first he was going to tell everyone to shut up. But then he just started shouting “OK I HAVE 2 STORIES TO TELL YOU.” Then he just started telling narratives. He’s very… unique? He has these voices when reading something and he talks excitably when reading. Lol, he didn’t even introduce his name or the class until 30 minutes in.

We also went to go take pictures during 8th period and this girl and I we were in this line, but then the people in front of us went into a different line and we thought we were in the wrong line. So, she and I went in this other line… and it took FOREVER. Then, the majority of our class left, there were only like 4 of us in there that was in the same class. Then 2 got their picture taken and left. Then it was only the girl and I. My anxiety was just overflowing at this point. But the girl being there kind of helped me. She talked to me and I talked to her. She started talking about how our class left and how the line wasn’t moving, and it made me feel that I wasn’t alone in this situation. Ok, the line was still not moving at this point. So we literally got in the line that we were in in the first place. And it was literally faster, the 2nd line was still at the same amount of people. We got our pictures and ID’s and we went back to class. It wasn’t that bad knowing that I wasn’t alone in this.

One of my friends were in my English class but I wasn’t really sure what she considered me. All of my friends from last year kind of forgotten about me, and I was scared to just go up to her and say hello. Well, at the end of class she noticed me and she was surprised and happy. She scolded me for not telling her I was across the room. I knew. I knew she was a friend at that moment. She told me that I was going to sit next to her last class and she was going to tell the whole class that I was her friend. She just made my day so much better.

As you can see, my day wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good either. But through it all, I tried to stay positive. I tried not to blame God for something bad that happened to me, but I do tend to do that. It’s weird that I kind of did that today, because one of the stories our teachers told us was a story about a man who had everything taken away from him. His home, his crops, his animals, his wife, his kids, yet he still thanked God. He thanked God even in his bad moments, even when everything got taken from him. Even though my day started bad it ended good.

I learned a lot today. I’m really going to try this year. I’m not going to give up just because my mind says to. I’m going to get through it. I’m going to work my hardest to stay strong, and even in my broken moments I won’t give up and dig myself into my hole. I’ll try. I’ll fight. I want to survive. I want to make it. I don’t want to give up too easily.

A roller coaster turns up and down and around and upside down, but in the end you always come back safely to the ground. Through the twists and turns, you always make it through.


Hello, Junior: Day 1

My first day of Junior Year! How was it, you may wonder, or you may not wonder… either way I’m going to tell you!

I woke up thinking that a sound in my dream woke me up, but no it was my all too familiar, almost forgotten but not quite, alarm. I was anxious for the school day, but a good kind of anxious. I forgot what time school started and what time I usually left the house, which kind of resulted me into being a little late. I wouldn’t have my family’s genes if I wasn’t a little late!

Today was an odd day so we had periods 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7.

Period 1 was photography. I was excited, because I really love photography and I want to develop my, if existent, photography skills. One of my old friends from freshmen year sat next to me, and I don’t really know if he recognized me but I didn’t want him too so I kind of just sat there. It was just weird how we became friends then strangers in an instant (Turns out he’s in 3 of my other classes, that’s great). But I don’t really care. I joined the class to have fun and be artistic. I’m excited for it!

Period 3 was piano. This was another class I was excited for. My school has an individual keyboard for everyone. So my imagination of 20 kids being crowded on one piano is an unreal scenario, that’s really comforting lol. It was cool, the room had so much futuristic technology, or technology that was there for 10 years that I’ve never heard of. Like the teacher could listen to a specific student’s piano playing without bothering the other students. And with the use of headphones, you can just be immersed into your own universe. I think I’m really going to love this class, and I’m not afraid to jinx it.

Period 5 was lunch, and I have it with my best friend!! I was so excited, we have the same lunch for both semesters. It’s so comforting having her there by my side through the hectic day.

Period 6 is an everyday period and I have chemistry everyday. The teacher has a cool accent and she even laughed at herself mistaking some words for something else. But, there’s no one that I really know in that class, so that’s kind of a bummer. But, I just hope chemistry isn’t as bad as it was for my friend last year.

Period 7 was Spanish. I have to admit that I really didn’t want to be in Spanish. You only needed to credits for a foreign language, and I got them. But I didn’t get switched out upon request. I really, really want to learn another language, but Spanish just gives me a headache sometimes. The conjugations and vocabulary confuses me a whole bunch. But, the only thing keeping me in the class is the fact that my best friend is in the class with me and I guess if she’s there we can both work through Spanish together.

My Junior Year was… I’m not sure yet. I still have an even day ahead of me, so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t know, there’s just something pulling me towards this year, I feel excited about it.

Like my sophomore year, I have a feeling that my junior year will be a roller coaster as well. Bigger and more thrilling.