Short Sentences #18

It hurts right now. And I can’t think of a moment when it won’t hurt.

But maybe someday, in a distant future, there will be a moment when I think about you and it won’t hurt me as much.



Short Sentences #17

The question isn’t how she became “insane.”

The question is how she managed to not break sooner.

As a kid, you wonder how people just “lose their minds.”

As you grow older, you see that it’s actually really hard to keep your mind intact.

How do people not just lose it and scream into the distance?

How do they manage to keep their sanity?

How do their minds not… just… break?

«Music Friday»

Rock Bottom by Hailee Steinfeld ft. DNCE


Short Sentences #16

I look out the window and think,

Not today, but maybe someday.

Maybe someday.


Short Sentences #15

Isn’t it ironic how the one organ that holds all of our creativity,

our intelligence,

our feelings,

our thoughts,

our experiences,

our reasoning,

our mentality,

our sanity,

could also be our  worst enemy  sometimes?

The mind is the most intelligent, yet deadliest weapon.




Short Sentences #14

“Promise me you’ll never give up on me?” You ask them.

“Never.” They tell you.

This isn’t how it should be.

“Promise me you’ll never give up on me?” You ask them.

“As long as you never give up on yourself.” They tell you.

This is how it should be.

«Music Friday»

  • Cheap Thrills by Sia



Short Sentences #13

Life keeps moving on,

whether you’re in the car or not.

Seat belt buckled or not,

life is gonna go full speed ahead.

You either ride in the car,

over the speed bumps, around the bends, and crossing bridges…

or you waste your whole life chasing down the car,

never being able to catch up.

Only being able to complain.



Short Sentences #12

I just want to make it as far in life so that when my time to go comes,

It’ll be because God says,

“I’m ready for you.”

And not because I say,

“I give up.”