Pssstttt… Kate I’m Your Secret Santa

First off, I have to acknowledge Teenella for creating and organizing this whole project, I mean she  deserves a round of applause.

Now onto the secret santa-ness of it all!

Merry Christmas Kate!!!

I remember the first time that I ever interacted with you (that sounds really creepy, but once I tell the story… trust me, it’s not). It was this blog post with a featured image of Emma Swan and Captain Hook (characters from the show Once Upon a Time) and I was waiting for somebody to talk about them in the comments, because there’s no feeling like the one where you figure out someone else watches the same show as you. You’re the one who recognized and commented on them. From that point on I knew you were a cool human being.

But I was wrong.

You turned out to be an extremely cool and awesome person!

There are so many things I admire about you! The one at the top of the list is your attitude. You’re such a positive bean and I love how you always strive to promote happiness and positivity. I’m extremely grateful that you share your optimistic nature and  help people so that they can be happier. To be honest, you don’t know how much you’ve helped me in that area. I took your advice of listing all the good things that have happened in my day, and I’m not even lying — it has made me 100x happier. And I actually keep up with it everyday! So thank you so much for sharing your tips with not only me, but for the whole blogger atmosphere, I know I’m not the only one who appreciates it!

You already know that your artwork amazes me, but of course I have to mention it on here! I do not whatsoever have any artistic bone in my body, so whenever I see your artwork I’m literally frozen in awe. Literally your artwork looks like something I would see on tv or in picture books. I can hardly fathom how you manage to draw like that… like right now I literally can’t put the right words into my mouth how unbelievable your artwork is. Please never stop creating.

On the topic of creativity, yours is so inspiring to me! The fact that you have the umph (yes umph) to be exceptionally creative and that you share your ideas for those who aren’t so creative *cough* me *cough.* You’re such a creative wizard though, like you know everything about everything. Stock photos, typography, graphics; I mean you make me feel like a grandparent… Can I have your brain?

I just love your willingness to help others to create a better outlook on life. You’re such an aspiring person and I’m glad to have met you on this website. Your quirky-ness always reminds me that no matter what other people think, I know I’m weird but I’m ok with it because it’s who I am. I love how you let the fangirl in you shine on your blog, I mean it takes real guts to do that, some of us are still in hiding.

Something I will always, always admire about you is that you’re not afraid to be who you are on your blog. You share everything you have to your readers: your personality, your advice, you.

With all of that being said, I hope that you have an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year because honestly… you deserve it. Never never never never never stop being you!


4 thoughts on “Pssstttt… Kate I’m Your Secret Santa

  1. Rebeccaaaa I woke up reading this in the morning and ohgosh YOU ALREADY MADE MY DAY! 💕💕💕
    Thank you so so so much! I can feel the kindheartedness and sweetness in you in this post 😊 Like seriously. My nose is runny and if it weren’t for the sands still in my eyes, I might’ve already cried now from pure happiness but they’re blocking the tears (TMI? 😅)
    Of everything you wrote–and they all moved me to runny nose and blocked tears–the best thing I’ve read is how a tip I shared helped you.
    So thank you! I’m so so glad to have met you and your blog in this website too 😊💕

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    • I’m undoubtedly, unbelievably, completely happy that this made your day!!! I meant every word, you’re such an amazing and awesome person. Lol let’s not lie… we all got the sands in our eyes when we wake up #wokeuplikethis .
      I can’t believe that you were close to crying (you know if it weren’t for the sands hehe) what I said actually did that? I’m so so so happyy ❤️❤️
      You honestly helped me not look at the negative aspects of my day, as soon as I saw that tip I knew it would help me but I never would have gotten that tip if it weren’t for you. It’s the one thing I’m actually continuing and I know I said this in the whole post but you’re the jump start as to why I’ve been so much happier and I just have to thank you x1000000 🤗🤗
      You’re so very welcome!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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