What is happiness?

Is it a feeling?

Is it an emotion?

Is it a gift?

Is it something that I can have?

A little girl unwraps her birthday present.

That’s happiness.

A little boy gets pushed on the swings.

That’s happiness.

Someone so small doesn’t even think of the depths of this emotion.

In this department, little kids are very smart.

They don’t think about it too much, so they can achieve it.

They achieve a happiness most of us can hardly fathom, why? Because they don’t over analyze their happiness.

But when we were kids we didn’t even consider happiness and the real depth of it. We just believed happiness was a smile and a fun play day.

Why is it so hard to get happiness now?

I used to think that the only way I could receive happiness was to just be patient, happiness would be destined in my future, when I meet the love of my life and am working at the job that I love.

But there was a flaw in that way of thinking: Does that ultimately mean I can’t be happy now, in the present?

That thinking was stupid. That thinking could compare to someone waiting outside on a sunny day with an umbrella because they’re waiting for it to rain.

Happiness isn’t something you wait for, it’s something you can get now.

It’s something you’re grateful for.

It’s looking at the life you have and finding the small pieces of it that are great and being unfazed by the bad pieces.

Happiness can be found now. It is not only something that was found in your past, or something you hope for in your future. It’s something you can get now.

It just needs to be found under all that rubble and debris.

It’ll take a whole lot of time, but it’ll be worth it. It is not impossible.



3 thoughts on “happiness

  1. I believe happiness is most assured when you realize that you have enough. In this present moment, this is all there is. And as you mentioned with kids. They don’t over analyze. What they are doing right now is enough. Let’s not forget about the byproducts of living your best life. Personally, all I need is one of those to be happy. Highest and Best!

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